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Having the Sex Talk with Your Child

A non-judgmental space to ask questions, get resources, and learn how to promote a safe and positive mindset about sex.
Open to parents with questions about discussing sex and related topics with their children, pre-teens, or teens.

Cost: $35*
When: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month
Where: Virtual!

Group Facilitator: Jerry L. Mize, MA, MEd, Resident in Counseling, NCC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Practice policies apply unless otherwise stated in the disclosure. Participants must sign consent forms and disclosure.  

  • How many meetings is this group?

    • This group is non-progressive, meaning each session will focus on the questions needs brought in by you and others attending that day. 

  • How will the meeting go?

    • When you sign up for a group meeting you are given the opportunity to submit questions to me. I will typically begin with giving some general educational resources based on this. I will then address the questions more directly and give everyone the opportunity to ask new questions. Depending on the needs and interests, some groups may be more interactive than others. This could include practicing or sharing experiences and processing together.  

  • Can I bring my child/teen with me?

    • No. This is for the parents to ask questions of any kind. This means there may be questions that some are not comfortable – yet – for their child to hear. I want to facilitate an environment of unfiltered, yet constructive, conversation. 

  • Is what I say confidential?

    • I will maintain confidentiality as I would in any therapeutic setting. However, I cannot control what other group members do. I will open each session with an encouragement to maintain privacy of your peers including those in attendance. Failing to do so may result in you not being able to participate in future groups at Inner Odyssey Counseling. 

  • Am I allowed to work with you as a client?

    • If you are a client of mine or wish to be one in the future, it is completely acceptable for you to attend the group. I will not acknowledge or imply that I work with you outside of the group setting unless you choose to make that a part of the conversation on your own. Individuals and those in relationships are more than welcome to reach out to me for a session. 

  • Does it cost extra for my partner to attend with me?

    • Partner(s) (no more than 3 per unit) for the same child/children can attend with you for an additional $5. 

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