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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At this time, my services are self-pay only. You can find my rates here. PsychologyToday is very good at helping you find providers who accept insurance plans. 

Do you accept insurance?

In Virginia, a Resident in Counseling is the phase of training after one has completed their graduate degree and is gaining supervised hours toward full licensure. All Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) in Virginia are required to complete their residential hours. Their supervisor oversees their charts, signs their notes, and provides clinical consultation on all their cases. You can see my supervisor's information in the footer of the website. 

What is a Resident in Counseling

Yes. Sessions are available virtually through the HIPAA compliant portal. Online sessions must occur while both the client and the provider are in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Clients are required to disclose their location at the time of session in the event of an emergency. That being said, it is important to note that telehealth is not always the best strategy for certain needs. 

Do you offer therapy online?

Nothing that we discuss is shared without your consent. Records are maintained in a confidential setting. Only those you've consented to are who have access to additional information. Although, there are some limitations to confidentiality. Threats of harm to yourself or others may require me to break confidentiality due to safety or duty to warn concerns. In addition, Virginia mandated reporting laws require me to disclose any reports of child abuse or neglect (22VAC40-705-40) as well as aged or incapacitated adults. (§63.2-1606) 

Is what I say in sessions really confidential?

Inner Odyssey Counseling does offer a limited number of reduced rate slots for those who meet eligibility requirements when the option is available. Eligibility includes low-income or inadequate insurance coverage,  as well as OpenPath Collective Members. For clients who meet eligibility requirements, the rates for individual psychotherapy and relational therapy are $70 and $80 respectively. 

Do you offer sliding-scale or lower rates?

The short answer is no. In order to maintain an ethical therapeutic relationship, I will not knowingly engage with any clients on social media. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms outside of Inner Odyssey Counseling settings (i.e., I will only engage with clients through what is available in the Contact section. This includes any of my professional social media channels. While public, they do not serve as a form of therapy and are not an appropriate setting to engage with clients. 

Can I connect with you on social media?

I have received a few inquiries from colleagues and clients about my headshots (the one's with me in the blue shirt!). The photographer is local to Richmond, and I thought it appropriate to give him credit. You can find his info here. Stephen Lawson was amazing to work with. You can take a look at his website to look at his other stuff and reach out.

Where did you get your headshots?

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